Plot a nice figure using Matlab (1)

From today I will present a series of examples to show how to plot nice figures using Matlab.

Today’s topic will address on sharing some skills on how to easily plot tight subplots and how to export nice figures with high-quality.
This is the example we want to obtain:
To plot a tight subplot, I recommend using the package tight_subplot.
To export a nice figure with a transparent background and edge-cut, I recommend using the package export_fig.

To use an alternative colormap except for defaults, I strongly recommend looking for your favorite colormaps from NCL website and download the .rgb file. After deleting the first few descriptive lines in the .rgb file, it could be loaded easily in Matlab:

To plot a nice contour map, first, plot pcolor and then hold on the figure and then plot contour for the same data with no line.

And here are some normal configurations to control axes.